About Us

BOMA Greater Minneapolis is a trade association representing the interests of commercial real estate in Minneapolis and its suburbs. We are one of 100 North American and nine overseas affiliates of BOMA International.

As the 6th largest BOMA in the country, we provide a broad range of services and opportunities unequaled by any other commercial real estate organization in the region. We provide powerful advocacy for the industry not only on important tax issues, but also on all legislative and regulatory issues that affect commercial real estate.

We represent more than 60 million square feet of commercial office space in the Minneapolis area.

Our members provide the working environments for 200,000 people in Minneapolis and its suburbs. Our members pay $250 million in local and state property taxes each year – money that helps pay for schools, libraries, hospitals, roads and more – and they spend more than $360 million each year keeping their buildings operating. Involvement in BOMA provides great opportunities for those involved in commercial real estate to network with colleagues who share information, insight, and solutions on operational issues, staffing issues, energy efficiency, and all the things that threaten to keep you awake at night.

Types of Members

Regular members of the Association are those who are commercial real estate owners, investors, developers, managers and others who earn their primary livelihood from the disciplines associated with management of real estate.

Associate members are those who provide products and services of direct interest to the regular membership.

Professional members are those who are educated and experienced in professions which are recognized to have involvement in the real estate industry such as architects, appraisers, attorneys, engineers, and leasing and marketing professionals.

Our affiliated Engineers Association exists to provide continuing education and networking opportunities for the Building Superintendents, Chief Engineers, and other operating supervisory personnel employed by members' companies.


General Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month from September though May alternating between downtown and suburban locations for the convenience of members. These meetings generally provide 1 hour of continuing education credit.

Engineers Meetings are luncheon meetings on the first Wednesdays of the month September through May.

BOMA Young Professionals Meetings - This nine month series of classes and networking events is open to anyone relatively new to the industry, employed by a BOMA Greater Minneapolis Regular Member company and who would benefit from entry level classes focused on the core topics of commercial property management.

BOMA Education Meetings - Several times a year our Education Committee arranges accredited courses on topics ranging from "Roof Maintenance" to "preparing a Successful Tax Appeal." These classes often provide an opportunity for Associate and Professional members to be featured speakers. Classes generally provide 1-2 hours of continuing education credit.

Seminars are often scheduled for both spring and fall. Typically, they provide 3-4 hours of continuing education credit.

Annual Dues

A century ago, Greater Minneapolis BOMA’s founders recognized that the benefits of their collaborative efforts would, in part, be realized according to the sizes of their buildings. For example, BOMA’s tremendous efforts to reduce C/I property taxes produced savings on a square footage basis. Our founders, therefore, set up a dues structure that combines a service charge for individual members with assessments for buildings according to their size. At less than a penny per square foot, the costs of building dues are justified many times over by the savings to buildings that can be directly attributable to BOMA’s work.

BOMA dues have repeatedly withstood scrutiny as a legitimate operating expense because tenants and their advocates recognize the value BOMA brings them.

We have always relied on the cooperative participation of property owners enrolling their buildings to help keep building assessments at a reasonable level for all members.

Measure our dues against the economic and regulatory environment in which you would be operating without BOMA and we know you’ll see this is a great investment!

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