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Why Join BOMA?

  • You want to stay informed about the issues that affect you, your tenants, and your property.
  • You want someone advocating for you to the State and Local decision-makers who will impact your operations.
  • You want information about building operations that can save you money.
  • You're looking for networking opportunities that will enable you to learn from peers and exchange best practices information. 
  • You want professional development opportunities to keep you on commercial real estate's cutting edge.
  • You provide goods or services to BOMA members and want the opportunity to strengthen your relationships and learn to serve them better!

2023 Dues Deductible Percentage: As a result of changes adopted as part of the Tax Reform Act of 1993, 3.85% of your dues payment to BOMA is not deductible by members as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

Click here for our membership handout, which details many of the benefits of BOMA membership.

Regular Membership: Commercial real estate owners, investors, developers, and managers.

$400 (plus building dues) for the first member. (Application Packet)

$285 per additional member from the same company. (Application Form)

Regular membership also requires building dues. Building dues ($0.0082 per square foot with a minimum fee of $500) are chargeable as building operating expenses and are offset many times over by the bottom line impact of BOMA's work. The more buildings enrolled in the association, the lower the unit cost can be for each member.

Add a building to my BOMA portfolio. (Building Application Form)

Engineers Association: Building engineers employed by BOMA member companies.

$95 per member. Engineers Association membership is only available to employees of member companies. (Application Form)

Associate Membership: Product and Service Providers such as general contractors, janitorial companies, landscaping companies, etc.

The number of Associate Members is limited to 25% of the total membership, and currently, there is a waiting list. At this time, only one member is allowed per company. $1600 for membership. (Application Packet)

Professional Membership: Architects, appraisers, attorneys, professional engineers, leasing and marketing professionals and other degree holding professionals with a direct involvement in real estate practicing individually or in a firm of that specialty.

The number of Professional Members is limited to 18% of the total membership. At this time, there is no waiting for Professional memberships.

$750 for the first member. (Application Packet)

$280 per additional member from the same company. (Application Form)

For more information regarding membership options and applications, call (612) 338-8627 or email Kelsey Dellwo. 

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