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Nov 01, 2017

Written by: James Durda, Zeller Realty Group

Fifth Street 1.jpgIf you’re looking for a story on another office building renovation in Minneapolis, look elsewhere. While at first glance, the multimillion dollar investment that Fifth Street Towers’ ownership Zeller Realty and PIMCO recently made in the 1,000,000-square foot, two-tower Class A project seems like it’s all to simply create a cool new lobby and amenity package, but it’s not.

Born out of a collaborative and innovative partnership between Transwestern, Telos, Zeller and PIMCO, the transformation at Fifth Street Towers has less to do with the workplace and everything to do with the workforce. Workforce engagement, retention, recruitment and performance are all challenges that weigh heavily on the minds of innovative leaders and organizations across all industries. In fact, according to a recent survey by Dale Carnegie Training, more than 40% of employees are at risk of leaving their job in the coming year. While the reasons for employees being unsatisfied varied, the common thread was a lack of engagement and a misaligned culture. That's why more companies are focusing on employee experience when designing the physical, cultural, and technological work environment. According to a recent Quartz article, "The idea is to use design to understand the conscious and subconscious needs involved with improving everyday happiness and productivity." With these pressing trends in mind, we set out to transform Fifth Street Towers from a solid “Class A” place where people “go to work” to a holistic, integrated, and ever-evolving experience in which people and organizations can truly thrive. Our primary strategic objective was to focus on workforce wellbeing. We know that when people experience greater wellbeing (mind, body, and spirit), they are more engaged and productive, and as a result, the organizations they work for are more profitable. We therefore set out to create an environment and experience to cultivate workforce wellbeing more than any of our competitors. To accomplish this, our team knew we needed to deliberately focus on and mindfully integrate four pillars: 1) People, 2) Place, 3) Amenities, and 4) Programming.

1) People: With a hand-picked team of passionate Ritz-Carlton trained professionals dedicated to providing exceptional client service, the team at Fifth Street Towers is consistently rated 4.9 out of 5 on Kingsley tenant surveys.

2) Place: Starting with a LEED Gold-certified environment holistically designed to sustainably promote workforce happiness, health, and productivity, the team at Fifth Street Towers provides a multitude of solutions for unique statement space solutions built to reflect and support the brand and culture of every client. This includes a first of its kind, fully furnished, set of creatively designed spec suites ranging from 2,500 to 20,000 square feet, which are being leased at rates $4-8/sf above proforma. In addition, the team recently discovered that simple alterations to the envelope of the 150 Tower exposes floor to ceiling glass, enhancing the amazing views and capturing significant additional natural light.

3) Amenities: The wide array of thoughtfully curated amenities creates a holistic, integrated, and elevated experience to help the organizations we serve thrive by promoting the wellbeing, engagement, and productivity of their people. Central to this is what we call The Fifth Element – a set of conveniences that co-exist to foster community and wellbeing at the levels of mind, body, and spirit. The Fifth Element includes:

Fifth Street fitness.jpgSculpt Fitness - Where you get out of breath. Where you work up a sweat. Our fitness room has all the resources you need to work your body and achieve physical balance for peak performance in all areas. 

Revive Wellness
 - Where you escape. Where you refresh. Our wellness area is all about you and the space you need to stay on top of your game, from nap pods to private rooms for respite.

Fifth Street lounge.jpgConnect Lounge - Where you and your co-workers and peers come together. Where you relax. Our lounge space is all about kicking back, with an always-vibrant bar and comfortable nooks to chill.

Fifth Street conference.jpgEngage Conference
 - Where you get it done. Where it all happens. Our conference spaces are open to tenants looking for extra space or hoping to get away from the office to accommodate and impress.

Fifth Street roof.jpgExhale Rooftop - Where you enjoy. Where you take the time to enjoy what Minneapolis has to offer. Our rooftop is the perfect hangout space to bask in the sun or enjoy a fire at the end of the day, with the sparkling city skyline in view.

Fifth Street bike.jpgCycle Bike Hub - Best-in-class indoor secure bike parking on the first floor with locker rooms and showers.

Sphere Kitchen & Bar
 - A new lobby bar/restaurant designed to look like a hotel. Fifth Street Towers also houses a Caribou Coffee, Bep Eatery, Kabob (a new fast fresh food concept) and a convenience store.

4) Programming: Fifth Street Towers sets the bar at a new level by rounding out a workplace wellbeing experience by offering leading edge programs and education to equip and empower people to cultivate greater wellbeing on all levels – mind, body, and spirit.

Fifth Street Towers helps innovative leaders and organizations thrive by experientially enhancing workforce wellbeing, engagement, and productivity more than any other office building in the metro area.

Araceli Camargo is a neuroscientist, futurist, and co-founder of The Centric Lab. In her recent article written for Virgin about the future of buildings she says, “Despite increases in remote working, we will not see the death of the workplace; instead it will be redesigned to help businesses address their most important issues in person.” We agree wholeheartedly and that’s why the Fifth Street Towers experience is designed to help businesses address their most important issues including wellbeing, engagement, and productivity.

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