Countdown to Super Bowl XXVI - Blast from the Past

Jan 22, 2018

This article was written in October 1991 for the October 1991 newsletter.

Brace yourself, Minnesota! The Super Bowl is coming to town. On the date of this gala event, unprecedented for its impact on the hospitality industry in the Twin Cities area, as well as the preliminary activities fully a week in advance, the Twin Cities area will be literally engulfed in Super Bowl mania. Whether or not you will be among the fortunate few locals to secure Super Bowl tickets (or even plan to watch it on TV, for that matter) you will be amazed to hear about the monumental planning and logistics involved in preparation for this EVENT. The Super Bowl Task Force went against all odds to secure the 1992 Super Bowl, due to the Metrodome’s marginal capacity for severe winter weather. They beat the odds and are determined that this will be the most memorable, festive and successful Super Bowl ever held anywhere. Learn about this feat from Marylin Nelson the dynamic and celebrated Chairperson of the Task Force who is credited with the success in luring the Super Bowl to Minnesota and has been at the helm throughout the several years of planning, and will see it through the final countdown stages culminating in the January 26 “Super Bowl Sunday”. Many property owners have already contacted or will be affected in one way or another as the Twin Cities plays host to more than 60,000 football fans, media personnel and other participants, particularly attempting to keep them indoors and warm during the week-long schedule of festivities and activities that will contribute to the Super Bowl sprit. Skyways and atriums will be decorated and staffed to get not only the visitors but downtown workers and residents involved as well.

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