Russ Nelson - Reflections on a Remarkable Career

Feb 07, 2018

Written by: Lynette Dumalag, NTH, Inc.

This article was written in February 2018 for the 2018 Quarter One newsletter.

Nelson, Russ.jpgRuss Nelson, NTH President and Principal retired at the end of 2017. Russ has helped shape the Twin Cities skylines for the past 30 years and his professional work is matched by his contributions to the community.

Always a supporter of BOMA, Russ has led the team to produce the Annual Office Update event. NTH and BOMA staff work together to deliver valuable industry insights with other partners in the brokerage community.

The Communications Committee had a chance to talk to Russ about his involvement with BOMA.

What made you decide to get involved with BOMA?

BOMA is an opportunity to interact with people who own and manage the buildings. There is no way around it; you ultimately must deal with people to get a transaction signed. This requires a connection and to know areas of concern for other side of the negotiation table.

What is your favorite BOMA memory?

We have always had a great time producing the Office Update every year and believe the content shared is valuable to attendees. The theme and costumes are always part of the fun. When we did Hunting for Tenants we wore hunting vests and Sheila Miller had the unenviable task of making sure one of our panelist’s 30 duck decoys were clean. Former Executive Director, Kent Warden, was a good sport and almost believed me when I joked that we going to use shotguns as part of the presentation. (We did not) Every year we are reminded by Tina’s wise words, “Be entertaining, not entertainment.”

How has BOMA changed since you first got involved?

BOMA has been intentional about reaching out to the next generation. Three of our own staff have been through the BOMA Young Professionals program. I would also add that BOMA works to stay on top of issues impacting the industry, like the Nicollet Mall project.

Any other thoughts you would like to share about BOMA?

We have been proud of our involvement with the Office Update every year. I think of BOMA as a main resource for the commercial real estate industry.

Together with Tina Hoye and John Tietz, Russ founded NTH (formerly Nelson, Tietz & Hoye, Inc.) in 1993. The firm was one of the first in the Twin Cities to exclusively represent tenants, with clients ranging from small nonprofits to large corporations. Tina Hoye, a BOMA Past President, assumed the role of president. Principals Anna Coskran, Paul Johnson, and Renee Kirscht Rascher round out the leadership team.

Category: Industry Insights

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