Composting Grants Through Hennepin County

Apr 29, 2018

Written by: Nancy Lo, Hennepin County

This article was written in April 2018 for the 2018 Quarter Two Newsletter.

The commercial sector generates more than half of the total waste in Hennepin County, and nearly, two-thirds of the waste created at businesses and non-profits is recyclable. A strong recycling program conserves natural resources, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, can help your bottom line and demonstrates your organization's commitment to sustainability and to your community. 

Hennepin County is required by state law to recycle 75 percent of its waste by 2030. In 2015, the recycling rate was 46 percent. To facilitate achieving the 2030 goal, the county is revising its recycling ordinance to require businesses that generate large quantities of food waste to implement food recycling (also known as organics recycling) by 2020. 

Hennepin County offers grants of as much as $50,000, signage, technical assistance and case studies to help businesses and organizations start or improve programs to divert recyclables and/or organics (food waste and non-recyclable paper such as napkins), reduce waste and donate usable goods. Eligible recipients include for-profit businesses and institutions, including multifamily housing, and non-profit organizations in Hennepin County. 

The grants can be used for indoor containers, compostable bags for lining organics-collection containers, new hauling service, reusable foodservice ware to replace disposable foodservice ware, construction upgrades to loading docks, equipment and other needs to support collection of edible food for donation to hunger-relieve agencies, and food-waste-prevention software to track and identify sources of wasted food. 

The county also offers free recycling and organics-recycling signs and stickers to help clearly label collection containers. 

Full details and more information are at The grant applications can be found there, but feel free to contact Hennepin County's business-recycling staff for assistance or to ask questions.

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