Regional TOBY Winner Showcase - Waterford Innovation Center

Apr 29, 2018

Written by: Tara Steinkraus, Duke Realty

This article was written in March 2018 for the 2018 Quarter Two Newsletter.

Lobby.jpgWaterford Innovation Center is a 134,384 square foot, state-of-the-art office/warehouse building built to suit Intereum, Inc. The building is strategically located at the northwest corner of Highways 169 and 55 in Plymouth, Minnesota. Prior to the building's construction in 2016, the site was one of few remaining in the City of Plymouth. The City of Plymouth wanted to ensure that the development of the site would be aesthetically compatible with the surrounding area, namely 505 & 605 Waterford Park, two Class A multi-tenant office buildings located directly across Waterford Pond from the site. When Duke Realty landed a deal with Intereum Inc., a Plymouth-based company that desired to remain in the City and grow its job base, the main challenge they faced was designing an office/warehouse building that looked and felt like a multi-story office building. 
To accomplish this, Duke Realty ensured that Intereum's new facility looked like a two-story office building by installing two-story high spandrel glass. And although the building includes a truck court and dock doors, they are minimally visible on only one side of the building and screened with landscaping. The installation of native grasses, flowing perennials and trees provides an ecologically diverse and environmentally friendly landscape. In addition to the aesthetic requirements, Duke Realty had to meet rigorous storm water regulations and created a pro-active plan for soil corrections and moisture sensitive soils prior to construction. Interior Office .jpg
Even though Waterford Innovation Center is an industrial building, it contains an abnormally high percentage of office space with 38,239 square feet of office and showroom space. The new facility has allowed Intereum to condense four warehouse facilities into one, creating operation efficiencies. It provides private offices, collaboration space, and serves as a premier showroom for Intereum's products and services. Intereum is the only certified Herman Miller dealer in Minnesota, and they specialize in office furnishings, space planning, design, and audio visual solutions. The space embodies Intereum's "Living Office" philosophy by visibly demonstrating the confluence of contemporary furnishings, collaboration space, modular walls, and audio visual technology.
The buildout for Intereum offers some unique features not typically found in an industrial building. The office space has an open ceiling concept; a large format acoustical ceiling tile grid is hung overhead, but is gasketed around the outside, exposing the metal roof deck throughout the office area. The open ceiling and spandrel glass provides for radiant heating supplied along exterior walls in the office space to supplement heat from the roof top units. Intereum's enclosed offices and conference rooms feature a Crestron automated lighting and environment control system. The collaboration and open office spaces are quipped with wireless lighting controls and daylight sensors that dim or turn off fixtures near windows, allowing natural light to brighten the space. All of the office and exterior light fixtures contain LED bulbs for energy efficiency. 
Exterior 2.jpgSustainability and energy efficiency are a priority for operations at Waterford Innovation Center. The building is constructed with energy efficient pre-cast wall panels and roofing material. The property's native grass landscaping reduces the need for any extra mowing and irrigation, while the janitorial staff and window washers utilize green cleaning products to reduce harsh chemicals entering the environment. Intereum employs a rigorous recycling program both at the building and when installing products in the field, and the property management team continues to look for new ways to bring sustainable best practices into managing the building and the rest of Duke Realty's portfolio. 
Waterford Innovation Center recently won the Midwest Northern regional TOBY Award in the Industrial Office category and will be competing at the International level in June.

Category: Industry Insights

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