Ziplines to Replace Skyways

Apr 01, 2018

Written by: Lynette Dumalag, JLL

This article was written in March 2018 for the 2018 B'Onion Edition Newsletter.

Zipline.jpgWhen Superbowl 52 was in town, fans and visitors got to experience the city of Minneapolis in new ways. One of the most anticipated activity was the zipline across the river. 

The downtown Minneapolis community knew that the zipline would bring much needed fun to downtown, but were pleasantly surprised when they found out how orderly and efficient ziplining was. 

The skyway committee put together a feasibility study about how to integrate ziplines in the downtown core as a way to efficiently move downtown workers, residents and visitors. BOMA Greater Minneapolis is now campaigning and fundraising to replace skyways with ziplines. 

Executive Director, Kevin Lewis, explains, "Ziplines would greatly improve access to and from key areas in our core. Our members are willing to put in the investment to demolish existing skyways and replace them with ziplines. Besides, ziplines are fun and we could use a little more fun in this town. Look at all the happy people!"

There have been a few folks who have expressed opposition to this fun-loving plan. A downtown worker named Debbie Downer, exclaimed, "How am I supposed to carry all my stuff that I bring to my office? I've got my laptop, files, five pairs of shoes and frozen lunches for the week.  And I'm generally opposed to activities that people smile while doing." 

Downtown Minneapolis currently has 11 miles of skyways and connects buildings spanning 80 full city blocks. The feasibility study estimates that the cost for demolition and construction to be $100B. 

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