New Cooling-Tech and LED Options Help Keep Your Business and Bottom Line Comfortable

Jul 09, 2018

Written by: Janet Lencowski, Xcel Energy

This article was written in June 2018 for the 2018 Quarter Three Newsletter.

Lowering temperature doesn't have to raise your costs.
Replacing old equipment with new, more efficient technologies can reduce energy use and lower bills. Cooling equipment rebates from Xcel Energy can lower upfront costs and shorten the payback of your energy efficiency project. 

Brighten your workplace and productivity with LEDs
LED lighting upgrades are today's most popular energy-saving option. Why? The quality of LED technology has gone up, while prices have come down. 
LEDs are ideal for interior, exterior, and parking garages. Also, consider retrofitting with LEDs by replacing the luminaire, and installing high-efficiency fixtures with new upgrades. 
with so many styles and configurations to choose from, your Xcel Energy account manager can help you determine where you can gain long-tern savings and quick paybacks with rebates. 
Xcel Energy lighting rebates are changing. If you're planning a lighting upgrade project this year, talk with your account manager now to take full advantage of higher rebates on: 
  • LED troffers
  • LED exterior lighting
  • Lighting controls
  • Shelf-stocking LED lamps
  • Flourescents
Don't miss out on the savings, leverage today's top cool-tech and lighting advancements for your business. For more rebate savings opportunities, visit 

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