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BOMA Education Webinars

Did you miss a webinar? Or really enjoy one you'd like to view again or share? Check out our BOMA education webinar page!

From BOMA International | BOMA Sets the Standard in Floor Measurement

From BOMA International: It's ANSI World Standards Week, which means now is the perfect time to make sure you have the latest versions of BOMA International's world-renowned…

October General Meeting 2022

It is time again for another round of elections!  On the National level, all seats in the House and some in the Senate are in consideration.  And here in Minnesota, not only are…

Energy & Environment Committee Meeting

Energy & Environment Committee meetings are scheduled on a month-to-month basis, but are usually on the second Tuesdays of the month at 3:00 PM at the BOMA Office.

Certified Manager of Commercial Properties (CMCP)

Certified Manager of Commercial Properties (CMCP) A new commercial real estate certification for early-career property managers and the only certification of its kind in the…

Engineers Association - October 6, 2021

This presentation will cover what has changed in building controls and how to keep them up-to-date - discussing the past, present & future in HVAC controls. It will also cover…

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