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To educate our members on relevant City, County, and State issues regarding sustainability.


Xcel Energy's Bonus Rebates and Special Offers
To help your operations find the most cost-effective approach to making energy-saving improvements this year, we are introducing several special rebate savings opportunities over and above rebates you earn. Contact your account manager or an energy advisor at 855.839.8864 to take advantage of these incentives. READ MORE.

CenterPoint Energy's Rebuild Rebates
If your business or property was adversely affected as a result of the widespread property damage that occurred in the Twin Cities area recently, you could qualify to receive triple rebates, no-cost energy evaluation services, and additional incentives when you choose to rebuild with energy efficiency in mind. READ MORE.

City of Minneapolis RFI for Electricity from Renewable Generation Sources for Minneapolis Municipal Operations & Community-Wide Goals
The City of Minneapolis has published an RFI released by the City's Finance and Property Services group. This RFI is part of the City enterprise's ongoing planning for achieving 100% renewable electricity goal for City operations. In particular, the City is interested in feasible renewable electricity concepts to meet the City enterprise's anticipated electricity need of 100 million kWh in 2023. Additionally, they are interested in concepts that may also be applicable to the City's community-wide renewable electricity goal by 2030. READ MORE.

New Hennepin County Recycling Ordinance for CRE to Commence January 1, 2020
The Hennepin County Board has approved a revised recycling ordinance that requires cities to offer curbside organics recycling service to residents by January 1, 2022. The ordinance also requires businesses that generate large quantities of food waste to implement food recycling by January 1, 2020. READ MORE.

Joint Energy Efficiency Plan (JEEP)
Many facility managers have long lists of improvements they'd like to make if they had the time or money. They may see the need for major equipment upgrades down the road and would like ideas to stretch existing funds. Or, they may want to plan to meet the demands of a booming company that's expanding its production. READ MORE.

BOMA's Letter to the Editor Regarding Natural Gas Consumption
I, along with our members, read with interest the recent StarTribune article regarding energy consumption, including natural gas consumption. First and foremost, owners and management companies of commercial office and industrial buildings share the concern regarding climate change. They continue to support voluntary efforts to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. READ MORE.

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