Our New Quarterly Newsletter - Industry Insights

Members of BOMA Greater Minneapolis have enjoyed some sort of printed newsletter for many years (our records show the first newsletter was distributed in 1946!). Often the singular source for important information on the happenings in our industry, the newsletter was traditionally printed and distributed on a monthly basis. As issues became more time sensitive and the avenues for disseminating information increased, the decision was made to introduce our weekly BOMA eNews in 2015, and change the printed newsletter to a quarterly format, featuring more in-depth articles. As our organization reflected and looked towards the future, we decided to bid farewell to our printed quarterly newsletter at the end of 2016.


In 2017 and beyond, we will still be providing our members with the same in-depth articles related to industry trends and topics, and will showcase member buildings, projects, and profiles. These articles will still be sent on a quarterly basis but will be formatted and sent electronically as the new quarterly electronic newsletter, Industry Insights!

Past Quarterly Newsletters

2014 Newsletters

2015 Newsletters

2016 Newsletters

2017 articles can be accessed electronically here: Industry Insights

Other Methods of Communication

Registration and Event Details - Get ConnectEd

We created our eNewsletter back in 2015 in order to better serve our members by passing along timely and pertinent information in an electronic format. This weekly email (sent on Tuesday mornings) has always been called the eNews and has continued to keep our members informed of the upcoming BOMA events. We rebranded this weekly email in 2017, renaming it Get ConnectEd. Its purpose is the same; we want to keep our members in the know. The day and time will stay the same; consistency is key. We feel as though the new name more accurately reflects the mission behind our events. Our events, whether they are educational, informational, fun, or a combination of all three, are put on to keep our members connected - to their peers and to the commercial real estate industry as a whole.

Advocacy Updates - BOMA Briefings

Our newest method of communicating with our members, BOMA Briefings, written and sent by our Executive Director Kevin Lewis, will focus exclusively on BOMA's advocacy efforts and issues of importance to our industry. This biweekly column will be sent on Thursday afternoons and will arm our members with a quick read that is timely, relevant, and may even provide a call to action component when necessary.


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