BOMA Greater Minneapolis understands you don't have time to watch what is happening in the halls of government.  We do legislative tracking and advocacy for you.  Here is how:

What We Do

  • Employ full-time bi-partisan lobby firm to represent you at City Hall 
  • Team up with like-minded stakeholder groups to strengthen your voice
  • Government Affairs Council meets with decision-makers and tracks issues important to you
  • Quickly respond to issues of concern and rally support

City Priorities

  • Taxes
    • Keep taxes reasonable
    • Prevent unfair tax targeting
  • Public Safety
    • Strengthen policing policies which address chronic and violent offenders
    • Support DID
    • Review results of decriminalization before adoption
    • Officer recruitment and retention
  • Energy and Sustainability
    • Maintain market-driven electric vehicle policies
    • Prevent one-size fits all approach to sustainability
    • Recognize efficiencies achieved by market demands
    • Allow for diversity in trash needs

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