Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the property and facility management industry, it’s a complex business. The Professional Designation (RPA/FMA) courses offered by BOMI International provide you with a foundation of property and facility management knowledge and skills to help you advance your career. No matter which designation you pursue, you will benefit from the time-tested courses and a proven curriculum that can help you successfully tackle the demands of a commercial real estate profession with confidence and authority. 

If you are not ready to commit to a full designation at this time, there are several certifications that you can earn on your way to a designation. View those options.


  • In-person instructor-led courses are offered by local BOMAs, including BOMA Greater Minneapolis and Greater St. Paul BOMA.
  • Online virtual courses are offered directly by BOMI (www.bomi.org)
  • Online self-paced courses are offered directly by BOMI (www.bomi.org)

This program positions property managers for success by providing insight into and knowledge of operating a commercial building. You will gain a full understanding of the diverse aspects of property management involved in analyzing a building in its entirety. The program will teach you to maximize a building's net income while minimizing risks, thereby enhancing your standing in the industry and positioning you for long-term success. 

More information on the RPA, including required courses.

This program positions you as a key strategic contributor within your organization by helping you to create a productive work environment and handle tenant issues such as daily operations, maintenance, comfort, and safety. This program covers everything from planning and project management to environmental health and worker safety. In addition, it provides the information needed to minimize maintenance costs and properly manage other timely issues.

More information on the FMA, including required courses.

St. Paul BOMA offers courses applicable to the SMA/SMT designations. If you're interested in SMA/SMT classes, you can view available classes via their website

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